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Our puppies are raised in the home...

This page shows how our Auburn beagle puppies are raised. They are raised in a clean home. They are litter pan trained and introduced to a crate before they go to their new homes. They are handled, socialized with humans, other animals and noises. Their dew claws are removed, they receive their first vaccinations, are wormed, and receive a full health exam by a veterinarian before they are released to their new home. Please scroll down to see how our puppies come into the world and are raised.  

Our mudd room was built oversized so that
our puppies can be raised inside the home.
Everything is easily accessible; oversized sink, washer, dryer, large counter,
 doggie door for mom; to provide a warm, clean, safe area to raise the puppies. 
3 Weeks old, starting litter pan training...  Goats milk gruel at 3.5 weeks, yummy!
The kennel has expanded to the dining room 5 week old puppies favorite place to cuddle, hide and sleep
at 6 weeks old, after they are litter pan trained, their area has been expanded
This is what the beagles know as the "big" yard.
It's where they get their exercise every day.
This is the beagle "side" yard. Artificial turf, keeps them clean and
out of trouble with doggie door to inside for rest and sleepy time.